Destination Guide

Whether you are searching for a secluded bay, encountering a pod of orcas, or luxury dining in the backdrop of a spectacular sunset, chartering allows you to set sail in complete privacy for a new location every day. No guest has the same wish list, so we take time in understanding yours. Our sample itinerary provides an example of the curated guide OneOcean can produce for you. Please get in touch to unfold your journey.

Amalfi Coast to Cote D’Azur
Explore quintessential Mediterranean seascapes combining must-see locations with isolated coves. Over ten days, you will cruise from Naples to Monaco exploring the French and Italian Rivieras.

Day 1

Marina Di Stabia, Gulf of Sorrento, Nerano, Salerno (40 nautical miles)

After arriving to Naples International Airport, you will be transferred to Marina Di Stabia and welcomed on board your yacht. Marina di Stabia is set in the heart of one of the world’s most sophisticated tourist areas, close to Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi and Ravello.

While you settle on board the yacht, you will be served welcome drinks whilst cruising past the Gulf of Sorrento. You will enjoy an exceptional lunch at the restaurant Il Cantuccio Mare, overlooking the Marina Del Cantone.

After lunch, you will cruise the Amalfi Coast to Salerno. Deemed by UNESCO to be an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, the Amalfi Coast is a beguiling combination of great beauty and gripping drama: coastal mountains plunge into the sea in a stunning vertical scene of precipitous crags, picturesque towns and lush forests. On the way to Salerno, you will stop at the Grotta Dello Smeraldo, named after the eerie emerald colour that emanates from the water. Stalactites hang down from the 24m-high ceiling, while stalagmites grow up to 10m tall.

You will spend the first night in Salerno. It may initially seem like an uninspiring city, but the place has a charming, if gritty, individuality, especially around its vibrant old centre, where medieval churches share space with neighbourhood trattorias and neon-lit wine bars. The city recently invested in various urban-regeneration programs centred on this historic neighbourhood, which features a dramatic new ferry terminal designed by Zaha Hadid and a tree-lined seafront promenade widely considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Day 2

Salerno, Capri, Marina Di Stabia (35 nautical miles)

After an hour’s cruise you will arrive at the isle of Capri.  Focal points includes the Villa Malaparte, a house on Punta Massulo, prominently featured in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film, Contempt (Le Mépris), and the Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a spectacular sight – sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.

Enjoy a full day visiting the Isle of Capri – the perfect microcosm of Mediterranean appeal – piazzas, cafes, Roman ruins and rugged seascapes. Some of the main features of the island include the following: the Marina Piccola, the Belvedere of Tragara, the Faraglioni, Anacapri, and the ruins of the Imperial Roman villas.

Although Capri Town and its uphill rival Anacapri, are almost entirely given over to tourism, unspoilt charm can still be found. Explore beyond the cafes and designer boutiques to find rustic Capri – grand villas, overgrown vegetable plots, sun-bleached, peeling stucco and banks of bougainvillea. All of this overlooks the deep blue water.

Late in the afternoon, your yacht will cruise to Marina Di Stabia where you will spend the night. Enjoy dinner on board or ashore.

Day 3

Pompeii, Ischia (38 nautical miles)

In the morning, you will visit the city and ruins of Pompeii. The ghostly ruins of ancient Pompeii are one of the world’s most engrossing archaeological experiences. The result of Vesuvius’ eruption in AD 79 is a remarkably well-preserved slice of ancient life, where you can walk down Roman streets and explore millennia-old houses, temples, shops, cafes and amphitheatres.

Enjoy a lunch on-board while you will cruise to Ischia, the largest island in the Bay of Naples renowned for its curative spas.

Visit the world-renowned hotel spa at Terme Manzi: a vast of oasis of tranquillity and well-being. Personalised spa treatments and programmes complement the two large swimming pools and the Gurgitiello springs. Or, you can try the famous Negombo Spa adjacent to the beach at the beachside town of Lacco Ameno, with numerous hot pools, relaxing park-like grounds, spa treatments, massages and water therapies.

In the evening, we suggest dinner at the 1 Michelin star restaurant Indaco. Just a few metres from the water overlooking one of the island’s most attractive bays, this restaurant enchants guests with its creative, playful and often surprising dishes.

Day 4

Ventotene, Ponza (38 nautical miles)

Day 4 will begin with cruising to Ventotene. This small island has a remote feel and a real island character – an excellent place to get away from it all. The island’s highlights include Roman ruins and a former prison on the neighbouring island of Santo Stefano.

Lunch will be served on-board before spending two hours cruising to Ponza, the largest of the Pontine Islands.  With blue waters and a striking hilly landscape, the island is loved by regular visitors who attempt to keep its charms a secret. Your day in Ponza shouldn’t really require any planning, the bulk of your activity should be spent exploring the island.

In the evening, we suggest dining at the restaurant Acqua Pazza (1 michelin star), which stands on the stage-like setting of the port like an amphitheatre overlooking the sea. It focuses on fish and seafood with specialities such as raw fish and the eponymous acqua pazza (poached white fish).

Overnight, your yacht will cruise from Ponza to the coast of Sardinia. (180 nautical miles)

Day 5

Cala Di Volpe, Porto Cervo (10 nautical miles)

After a full night cruising from Ponza to Sardinia, you will wake up in the beautiful bay of the hotel Cala Di Volpe. Lying on the Costa Smeralda, the hotel resembles a charming fishing village, with its picturesque Sardinian houses against a backdrop forever changing hues of sea blue.

This hotel offers one of the most beautiful golf courses in Sardinia, Pevero Golf Club. Thanks to the beauty of the natural environment, the breath-taking view and the technical characteristics of the course, you can experience something incomparable at one of the world’s best courses (- ranked amongst the top 50 in the world by Golf Magazine). Private lessons are also available for guests to book. You may also enjoy other activities like tennis or horse riding.

After discovering the hotel, return on-board, enjoy some swimming and the yacht’s water toys.

For those interested in nightlife, you may want to head to the famous Billionaire Club. A three-floors Villa, perched on a hill, with sweeping views of Porto Cervo and its superb coastline, the Billionaire Club opens its doors every summer to Costa Smeralda’s International Clientele, who come to enjoy fine dining, great music and excellent service.

Two refined restaurants, Cipriani, and NOVE, cosy lounges and elegant V.I.P. areas, two discotheques and several dance floors all contribute in creating the unique and magical atmosphere of one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

Day 6

Lavezzi Islands, Porto Vecchio (35 nautical miles)

In the morning, you will cruise to the Lavezzi Islands, a paradise for walkers, yachtsmen and divers. You should spend as much time as possible enjoying the island and taking advantage of all its beaches. You will enjoy a lunch on-board and spend the day there, before cruising to Porto Vecchio.

On the south-eastern coast of Corsica, Porto Vecchio is a town built on salt marshes and salt continues to play an important role in the town. If you visit in September you can still witness the annual salt harvest from the Porte Genoise.

It is largely the renowned beaches and coastline to the South of the town (Santa Giulia and Palombaggia) that are the big attraction, but the town itself also merits investigation. The marina is very attractive with cafes and restaurants overlooking the harbour, and the old town next to the Place de la Republique has some lovely ancient buildings pressing in on narrow streets.

During the summer evenings especially, the streets of the old town come to life with music and entertainment.

Day 7

Porto Vecchio, Ajaccio & Les Sanguinaires (70 nautical miles)

After a leisurely breakfast, your yacht will cruise to the capital of the island, Ajaccio. Its location, perched between wood covered mountains inland and the sea means that the city remains mild even during the winter months – hence the town is popular with tourists for much of the year around due to its fine climate and sheltered position.

The Sanguinaires islands are about 15 km from Ajaccio. Best visited at sunset to see them at their most photogenic, the islands are a designated reserve for sea birds and other wildlife and have a fascinating and diverse habitat with many plant species not found on the Corsican mainland.

If you choose to dine on land, try the 20123 restaurant, an authentic restaurant where traditional recipes have remained unchanged for 25 years.

Day 8

Ajaccio, St Tropez (132 nautical miles)

Overnight, your yacht will cruise to the South of France so you can wake up in the beautiful gulf of St Tropez. Brigitte Bardot came to St-Tropez in the ’50s to star in Et Dieu Créa la Femme (And God Created Woman; 1956) and overnight transformed the peaceful fishing village into a sizzling jet-set favourite.

Out of season the St-Tropez of mesmerising quaint beauty comes to life. Wander the cobbled lanes in the old fishing quarter of La Ponche, sip pastis at a place des Lices cafe, watch a game of pétanque beneath plane trees, or walk in from beach to beach along the coastal path.

You may want to enjoy a lunch at the famous Nikki Beach, or one of the other famous private beaches of the Ramatuelle area. Dinner may be served on-board or at the Villa Romana club, in the heart of the St Tropez Village.

Day 9

St Tropez, Monaco (50 nautical miles)

Cruise to Monaco from St Tropez in the morning. Monaco is, quite simply, the undisputed international capital of luxury. At the heart of the city, the famous Carré d’Or, where elegant luxury boutiques with prestigious labels reflecting fine workmanship and quality design are located.

For a night out on the town, the Casino and Hotel de Paris are all synonymous with Monaco. Go for aperitifs at the famous American Bar of the Hotel de Paris. Then, head to Louis XV by Alain Ducasse, a recently renovated restaurant designed by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. We also suggest nautical themed Cipriani which features Mediterranean cuisine. La Trattoria by Alain Ducasse, a Tuscan-inspired Italian restaurant overlooking the beautiful gardens at Jimmy’z, offers an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean is also one of the best.

After dinner, move on to the renowned Jimmy’z nightclub or the legendary nightclub Twiga on the waterfront.

Day 10


Disembarkation in Monaco at noon.